Know what you’ll receive, without waiting for weeks or months.

Danniel will show you data on recently sold homes and how he and his buyer arrived at the offered price. We’ll take into account any special features or improvements you’ve made to the home, as well as year built, the condition of the home, inside and out, and local demand from homebuyers looking for homes like yours.

Sell with certainty.

Regardless of why you are selling, we’ll work with you to time it perfectly.

Cash buyers close on time and offer the best terms.

When you sell Off Market Now, you won’t have to spend extra time and energy on  selling your house.

You won’t have to put up with weeks of open houses, keeping your home ready for showings, or managing repairs.

We’ll make an offer, inspect the home, and that’s it. All you have to do is arrange time for a home visit, inspection and final walk-through, and pick your close date.

Test the Market

5-? weeks to sell / 4-6% commission

  • Prep [1 – 2 weeks]
    • Find an agent
    • Schedule, manage and pay for home repairs
    • Clean and stage your home before listing
  • List [1 week – 3 months]
    • Schedule with an agent to photograph and list your home
    • Vacate your home for open houses and showings
    • Wait for offers and possibly drop your price
  • Close [30 – 45 days]
    • Negotiate with buyer over things like repairs and move date
    • Wait 30 or more days to close
    • Hope the offer doesn’t fall through. Relist if it does.
    • Move out and clean before the deal closes

Sell Off Market Now

Choose your close date / 3-5% commission

  • Sell directly with Danniel now [a few days]
    • Request an offer
    • Schedule a brief home visit – it will help to offer the most accurate and fair price
    • Review and accept offer
    • A free third party inspection confirms the home condition
    • Get paid in days. You’re done!

Sell your house for a fair price, as soon as you’re ready.
No open houses, loan contingent offers, or uncertainty.